Our escalators are currently being upgraded. We thank you for your co-operation as improvements are made to enhance the experience of all patrons. Full details available here.


Our Location

The SCC is not only a monument to Edmonton’s prosperity but has also been our premiere meeting, entertainment and convention venue for more than 30 years.

Getting Here

Connected to public transit, steps away from hotels and our downtown core, accessible via car and cab, arriving and departing from the Shaw Conference Centre is easy in any number.


Find access to a number of parkades and parking lots located within walking distance or accessible via underground pedways connected to the venue.


Made accessible for everyone, you’ll find three Disabled Adult Transportation System drop points at different entrances to the Shaw Conference Centre.

Hotels & Dining

Find many of Edmonton’s most popular dining & leisure establishments as well as a booming shopping district within walking distance, some via underground pedways.

Why Edmonton?

Our city is at the centre of a thriving regional economy, the vibrant heart of culture in Alberta, and home to residents passionate about our community.